Gaylin Ware

Gaylin Ware joined Family First Life in 2015, and aggressively worked his way through the channels to becoming not only an Elite Producer but Vice President with the company. As he continued to broaden his goals Family First Life Balanced Options was founded. Under his leadership, guidance, and unwavering commitment to helping families. As a visionary, Gaylin focuses on team building, professional growth, while maintaining the core values of Family First Life. As FFL Balanced Options, continue to grow the all-inclusive mission will continue to set precedence to embody the professional excellence for agents nationwide.

Mike Killimett President of Family First Life Southeast

Michael (Mike) Killimett is the #1 Vice President of the fastest growing IMO in America, Family First Life. Mike started his career in the insurance industry in 2010. Mike’s agency currently produces $4 million in issue paid volume per month which puts him on target to issuing over $50 million paid volume for 2019. Mike’s philosophy is simple, “I believe in protecting families as I would want mine protected. I place families/clients’ needs first.” This motto is a core value shared with IMO, Family First Life.

Michelle Ware

Michelle Ware joined Family First Life in 2015 and is the second half of very successful division of the company.  Michelle, alongside her husband Gaylin, have managed to evolve Family First Life Balanced Options into a powerhouse entity in the insurance and annuity arena.  Additionally, Michelle has a passion for the ongoing training and development of the team.  Her abilities in the field are a strong contributing factor in assisting agent production accredited to Balanced Options. Overall, Michelle possesses a drive that has helped this team continue the road to greater success.

Jermaine Clifford

This has been the best career choice that I’ve made. In the past I’ve had salary sales job that didn’t pay enough so I always had to supplement my income. Being my own boss and independent agent has allowed me to hit my financial goals and help my friends and family. I’m very grateful for the mentorship of Gaylin and Michelle.

Amy Mickelson

I am Amy Mickelson, Vice President of Family First Life Metro. I was formally a bartender. I began my sales career with FFL in 2015. In 4 short years I am one of 2 agents at FFL that have accomplished over 2 million in issue paid business personally. My families life had dramatically changed financially. I can honestly say we are living with financial freedom. My experience here has humbled me to know that with hard work anyone can achieve success here at FFL.